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About Roost

The Team at Roost

Richard, Chris and Konrad started Roost in 2008 with a commitment to apply their wealth of experience in commercial photography to the property marketing industry.

In doing so, they sought to develop a range of photography and floor plan services that would define Roost as true specialists.

The team now dedicate themselves to producing world class marketing materials in this constantly evolving area of digital photography.

From transforming daytime into twilight, to the blending of multiple photos into a single, hyper-detailed image, read on to discover how your business can benefit from Roost's unique approach to property marketing.

Bespoke Retouching

We refine every image by seamlessly removing any distracting objects.
Doing so brings attention to your property's key features, where it belongs.

Original Image Original
Retouched Image Retouched

Special FX

Our team of editing wizards can turn day to night.
Make your images STAND OUT from the competition.

Original Image Original
Retouched Image Retouched

Reflection Reduction

Specialist filters give us control over reflections from shiny surfaces.

Original Image Original
Retouched Image Retouched

Efficient Delivery


Our images display beautifully on
tablets, phones and brochures.

Easy Image

One click and your images are
downloaded automatically.

Large Scale
Hi-Res Files

We provide big, print-ready files
as standard with every job.

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